Another recipe which shows that a vegan cuisine doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated!

You can use any vegetables you want for tortillas – lentils, chickpeas, beans, carrots, peas, paprika, corn, zucchini…
However, for this recipe, I’ll write the procedure for the ingredients I used.
I try to use seasonal and home-grown vegetables as much as I can, so for these tortillas I used the following ingredients:


– onions
– paprika
– beans
– garlic
– corn for the filling
– peas for the filling
– tomato sauce
– premade tortillas (homemade tortillas would be better, but I’m working on it)


The first step is to make sauteed onions.
On top of them, add the rest of the vegetables and leave them for a few minutes to soften.

While the vegetables get ready, we’ll make the sauce.
In the tomato sauce, add spices – hot and spicy works really well for tortillas, so you can use red paprika and chilli, and you can add some sugar (sugar goes great with spicy).

And if the sauce is too hot and spicy for you, add some more sugar and water.

When the filling is done, we’ll prepare the tortillas.
They are easily done and you can prepare them in a microwave or on the stove.
I prefer to prepare them in a pan on the stove, because when they are prepared in a microwave, they tend to tear up.

So if you are preparing them in a pan, all you need to do is to heat your stove, put the tortilla in the pan and sprinkle a few drops of water over it.
Do the same for the other side of the tortilla and it’s ready!

Fill the tortilla with your vegetable mix, roll it and fold on one side so the vegetables don’t spill out.

And your tortilla is ready!

Vegan tortillas